Sunday, October 26, 2014

Civil War 360

Ashley Judd, Trace Adkins and Dennis Haysbert lead viewers on a journey 150 years back in time to learn about America’s greatest conflict in a Smithsonian Channel three part documentary, “Civil War360,” now available on DVD.

The documentary delves deep into the archives of the Smithsonian Institution to explore the war from three differing perspectives.  Ashley Judd hosts part one of the documentary, The Union; Grammy-nominated country singer Trace Adkins follows up with the documentary’s second segment, The Confederacy; and Dennis Haysbert heads the documentary’s final installment, Fight For Freedom, which traces the African-American experience and view of the war.  Each of the documentary’s three hosts have ancestors who were greatly affected by the war. Lincoln’s Washington at War, narrated by Barry Zate, is included on the DVD as a bonus feature.

Each of the documentary’s episodes bring insights and stories of the war to life through dramatic recreations, analysis by a long list of noted Civil War historians and scholars, and the Smithsonian Institution’s vast collection of treasured artifacts (including one of Abraham Lincoln’s stove-pipe hats).

Through its varied perspectives “Civil War 360” gives its viewers a panoramic view of the war’s events and those who participated in them.  It is a terrific addition to any history lover’s video library; it is a perfect introduction to the Civil War to those who are just beginning to learn about the war; and it presents sometimes overlooked stories of the war that students of the war may want to go back and revisit.

Not Rated, Region 1, Widescreen, 1 Disc, 184 Minute Run Time.  To purchase this DVD click HERE.

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